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Parseval Fassade Rebstock Tagesansicht 2
Parseval Abend Skylineblick
Parseval A10 Wohnbereich
Parseval Fassade Rebstock begrünt
Parseval Fassade Skylineblick Abend
Parseval A12 Wohnbereich Terrasse Küche
Parseval A24 Homeoffice Eigentumswohnung
Parseval B13 Penthouse Terrasse
Parseval A24 Bad Frontalansicht


New-build properties by the "Rebstockpark"

With its two up-and-coming building wings, the Parseval forms a striking ensemble whose elegant architecture seems to be inspired by light and air. Each of the 40 spacious apartments offers much more than comfortable living space for singles, couples, or families.

It is also an ideal starting point for a diverse urban life: The young quarter in prime location offers urban diversity that begins on your doorstep. At the same time, it borders directly on the extensive Rebstockpark green areas, with plenty of space for sport and leisure. Extensive public transport options allow reaching every other destination effortlessly. Let your dreams fly high – they will come true in Parseval at Rebstockpark.


The facade of the Parseval, with its distinctive balconies, exudes lightness and elegance, which are continued in the apartments’ open and spacious floor plans. Above the ground floor, which houses a commercial unit, there are 40 differently sized apartments in two wings with 6 (and respectively 7) above-ground floors.

The furnishings with floor-to-ceiling, triple-glazed windows, wood parquet, and many other quality features give the apartments a unique charm that meets the demands of its residents.


  • Surface quality Q3
  • Large mirror
  • Tiles 60 x 60 cm
  • Real wooden parquet
  • Triple-glazed windows
  • Electric sun protection on the windows
  • Flat entrance door 2.26 cm high RC3
  • District heating – Underfloor heating with
  • individual room regulation
  • Bathroom fittings from brand manufacturers
Parseval Fassade Rebstock begrünt
Parseval Fassade Rebstock Abend Closeup 2
Parseval A24 Terrasse Skylineblick
Parseval A24 Bad Frontalansicht
Parseval A24 Bad Badewanne


As a business and science hub, Frankfurt has been experiencing impressive highs for years. Year after year, more people end up in the most crucial metropolis of the Rhine-Main area, where they find an above-average quality of life, much diversity, and internationality rivalled only by a few other cities in Germany.

This development is particularly dynamic in the west of Frankfurt: Another quarter close to the centre has emerged between the newly created Europaviertel and the prosperous City West: With its proximity to the vital business hotspots such as the exhibition, banking district, Bürostadt Eschborn, its numerous sports and leisure opportunities, plus an attractive neighbourhood, Rebstockpark combines all of Frankfurt’s advantages.


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