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Mattheußer Real Estate blends market expertise for residential property in the Rhein-Main area with the qualities and values of a prosperous family-owned business. We ensure bespoke and personal service at each stage of our business and drive efficiency for all our customers as this is the hallmark of a family-owned company: For buyers we find the suitable residential property in the suitable area; be it for personal use or as an investment. Furthermore, we are pleased to include letting services. Project developers profit from our national and international customer network where we successfully place residential property.


Lift, dry cellar, underground car park and bicycle storeroom - exclusive new property offers you amenities to improve your life in various ways. The needs and demands of today’s residents can be taken into consideration from the very first, current standards are a matter of course. Newly built property offers modern, contemporary living without barriers or hidden maintenance costs.  

Good insulation, soundproofing and controlled ventilation are significantly benefitting the residents’ physical, and mental well-being and improve energy efficiency. Floor-to-ceiling window facades, open living spaces and attractive terraces with views of the Taunus or the skyline - customize your living environment exactly the way you want it, because personal preferences can already be taken into account in floor planning to ensure maximum living comfort.


One thing is for certain: The ideal location for a newly built property is first and foremost a matter of personal taste.  While singles would probably prefer the lively hotspots in the city, families with children might rather wish for a private home on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

Nonetheless, there are some general factors that make a location more attractive and improve the general quality of living. That is why we work with selected property developers who evaluate potential locations for exclusive new properties with the utmost care and attention. And the most important feature of a good location would be infrastructure. 

All our new projects have good transport infrastructure, so workplace, education institutions and public transport can all be reached quickly and conveniently. Of course, leisure facilities, public parks and green areas, inviting restaurants and hip bars will also increase the attractivity of a residential estate. 

Here at Mattheußer Immobilien we carefully evaluate every location in all detail and discover new hotspots to satisfy your everyday needs in your new neighbourhood. Are you looking for property at a specific location?

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