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A case for big city life

This exclusive building will be added to the upscale residential area which developed during classicism. However, our architecture is consistently modern. The composition of the structure corresponds to that of a Roman town villa. The solid base extends into an echelon of increasingly smaller levels creating a light feel to the building. Large panoramic windows and numerous balconies and terraces give the building an urban quality.

Upper Downtown

Everything is close by within a city

Living in the city has an irresistible power of attraction. Opera, concerts, restaurants, exhibitions – life! A large variety is concentrated in a small area in Frankfurt. Everything is close to each other. The stroller reaches popular destinations from the southern Westend within a few minutes. But despite its closeness to the city, peace and quiet can be found right here at Niedenau 25 in a traditional residential district. Little squares, high trees, front yards framed by wrought iron. An oasis within a city and located only a few meters away from the breathtaking views of the skyscrapers.

Home and Garden

Bright building in front of luscious green

The building: It is located slightly back from the street. From all sides: impressive treetops, bushes and well-maintained lawns  are visible. Extraordinary large private gardens are located behind the  building for the ground floor condominiums. The light, geometric façade  creates an attractive contrast. The stair-shaped exterior leads to the  penthouse. Numerous square angles of terraces and balconies distribute  light to every corner. The combination of the interior and exterior  provide the great feeling of having found the perfect home.


  • Huge private garden areas
  • Private garden designed like a park
  • Lockoable windows on the ground floor
  • External connection for irrigation and electricity
  • Extraordinary ceiling heights of appr. 3.05m
  • Spacious floor plans
  • Double wing doors
  • Floor length windows
  • Under floor heating
  • “soft cooling” to increase comfort during the summer months
  • Brine water heat pump
  • Controlled ventilation system

A project of
Lang & Cie. Real Estate AG

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