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Bright Living Doppelhaushälfte Bad Vilbel
Doppelhaushälfte mit Garten und Terrasse
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Family houses in Bad Vilbel

Bright Living is a wonderful feeling of living in your own house, with your own front door, living on several levels, a private garden, and above you – only the sky.


Frankfurt at your doorstep

Bad Vilbel has an excellent accessibility to Frankfurt’s city center by car or public transport. Picturesque Bad Vilbel offers everything for your daily needs, including a wide range of leisure and cultural activities right in your own neighbourhood.

Kids welcome

The quiet residential district with nearby childcare, playground, and an international school is the perfect place to raise your children. With up to 188 sqm living space on at least three floors, plus balcony, garden and terrace, every family member can choose their own favorite place. Call it a perfect family house. 

Your peaceful home

Even those who love the city can appreciate a bit of tranquility at the end of the day. At Bright Living most houses offer their own carport.

Let the sunshine in

Modern architecture, elegant design and an interior with select materials make Bright Living an investment with a solid future. Contemporary furnishings, including solar power for an improved warm water system, ensure a home with positive energy.

A project of
Gero Real Estate AG

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