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About Us

Competence born of experience

Mattheußer Real Estate has been active in Frankfurt's property market for fifteen years. We are at home in Frankfurt and deeply rooted in the regional market. We act as reliable and careful intermediaries between supply and demand and pride ourselves on our efficient project management. We are consistently guided by our customers' needs and offer purchasing advice based on what they want. Mattheußer Real Estate is the right partner when you‘re searching for the right home. 

The property networkers

Traditional values, such as honesty, respect, and responsibility, are the basis for our success. We know our customers' needs and talk to people whose opinion counts. All members of our team know Frankfurt inside out and nurture their customer and partner networks with deep personal commitment. Although we speak and think like Frankfurters, we also speak other languages; Mattheußer Real Estate has a national, international, and interdisciplinary outlook. A network of business experts, communication partners and builders, and our international contacts with relevant buyer groups ensure that we give our customers holistic support. 

Benefits – in a nutshell

  • sale and letting of high-end residential property
  • project planning, development and marketing of newly built properties
  • project investment (capital investments, investor consultancy, profit optimization)

Well-attuned team of specialists

Our team of property specialists has been helping customers for many years with a wide range of projects. Targeted support, project development and sustainable marketing concepts are the result of structured cooperation. The precondition for a successful sale is identification with the project, on the one hand, and the ability to objectively check facts and market conditions, on the other. We strive to maximize customer benefit, rely on fast and transparent decision-making channels and, for our customers, are contactable around the clock. 

Our definition of luxury

Mattheußer Real Estate specializes in the sale of newly built residential property in the greater Frankfurt area. We offer our customers a choice portfolio of property for sale or rent. This encompasses both the luxurious city apartment and the comfortable two-bedroom unit in an apartment building. We define luxury not by price but by our customers' requirements. To us, luxury means optimum use of design details or of technical innovation for interior decoration.