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Team Spirit

"We put what fits together"

The synchronized team at Mattheußer commands in-depth market know-how and years of sales experience. Every employee is a real estate expert with the specialized expertise  necessary to transform research, exceptional market knowledge and property financing skills into profit and sales.

Our experienced professionals and long-standing core team of employees are well-networked and equipped with individual real estate contacts. They work in close dialogue with Cornelia Mattheußer. Real estate developers and end-users appreciate the team's expertise and sales success. Our employees champion the motto: The best team has the best team players!

An international network of real estate experts ensures a continuous and close exchange with interested parties from around the world; China, England and Russia to mention just a few. 

Christopher Adams, M. Sc.
Acquisition Manager
Cornelia Mattheußer
Managing Director
Andreas Apel, B. Sc. / ppa.
Senior Acquisition Manager
Sabine Schütz
Executive Assistant
Uwe Bürger
Senior Sales Manager
Thomas Buttler
Senior Sales Manager
Karsten Frommholz
Senior Sales Manager
Herbert Obetzhauser
Senior Sales Manager
Goran Vukic
Senior Sales Manager